The modern world has moved on to digital systems to track contacts, like Google Contacts, but in-person networking and business conventions still rely on old school business cards. I wanted to make it easy to bring networking into the future by directly creating Google Contacts from business cards.

What it does

BizSnap enables a user to quickly and easily create a Google Contact from a picture of a business card. It captures the text on the card, processes it to pre-fill a creation form, and then allows the user to create a new contact on their Google account.

How I built it

BizSnap leverages the powerful new Appian integrations with Google Cloud Natural Language, Google Cloud Vision, as well as OAUTH 2.0 and the Google People API. Appian made it straightforward to leverage these powerful tools quickly and easily with the their Connected Systems and Integrations, as well as the fast interface creation with SAIL.

Challenges I ran into

One of the initial goals of the project was to enable the creation of Outlook contacts as well as Google contacts. I ran into issues with setting up authorization with an enterprise's Office 365 on short notice, so opted to solely utilize Google's API which I could setup with a personal development account.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the first time I have configured OAUTH 2.0 for an Appian application, which opens lots of new doors for incorporating other capabilities on future projects.

What I learned

I learned how to configure OAUTH 2.0 and set up and configure Connected Systems inside Appian. I also got to learn about OAUTH 2.0 and API configurations from both the Google and Microsoft side.

What's next for BizSnap

BizSnap is currently configured to only be able to create Google Contacts. The next logical step is to integrate with Microsoft's Graph API to enable the creation of Outlook Contacts as well. Another enhancement would be to leverage the LinkedIn API to enable one-click connection invites.

Built With

  • appian
  • google-cloud-natural-language
  • google-cloud-vision
  • google-people-api
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posted an update

Try it out for yourself! I've created some public accounts, first come first serve, usernames and temp passwords below:

Username: PublicUser0 Temporary Password: 9miy(Qej3G3MRtv!CR<UkEvA

Username: PublicUser1 Temporary Password: !mR^%cACk4_NJ>Ad6R%=eQ#*

Username: PublicUser2 Temporary Password: n^/xqrtry(<{!&=89prwm3[v

Username: PublicUser3 Temporary Password: hEKf4Kc,cVf@Uc/,Jt79Bx[f

Username: PublicUser4 Temporary Password: m&/*j,$HvG#4aBK[djng+WTu

Username: PublicUser5 Temporary Password: N,6*Qcp*QRrP^^Yd!B+dX3P=

Username: PublicUser6 Temporary Password: 8NQb8&eUVB3<h/.D~AFB{}_P

Username: PublicUser7 Temporary Password: ^,<n%,hN<u)n~Wbd?^PYC$6B

Username: PublicUser8 Temporary Password: >d[ED9B?.RFtfVFu

Username: PublicUser9 Temporary Password: aF&$DkXGXFkE.yu]3Y]/xM[?

Username: PublicUser10 Temporary Password: 6M3]G3ueVd&n@U>R.QjWkJ(r

If those are all taken and you don't mind sharing, there's also

PublicUser0 Qwerty1!

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