Inspiration : From the small business owner panel yesterday, I learned two main things. Small businesses are very diverse and they all have lots of various problem. I also saw that they were very excited to interact with developers and data scientists and were looking forward to them for real solutions. This inspired me to create a platform that would target a lot of small business problems and with time will only keep doing better. The power of data science and making it incremental like Apple did for its app i.e by creating an ecosystem of data scientist and developers.

Target users :

  • Small and medium business owners.
  • Developers, data scientists, visualization experts that would like to make money by building models using SMB data.
  • Brands that offer valuable products and services to SMBs.

Key features :

  • Always Free for small business
  • Simplicity of using complex data models.
  • Asking question to your data is a button of click.
  • An ecosystem of data developers and scientist to monetize using small business data.
  • Insightful data models and visualization.
  • Strong revenue stream in place.
  • Developer ecosystem.

I am most proud of simplicity

I look forward to explaining this in more detail. Thanks !!

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