We realize that the average small business owner with has data from their online customer transactions, but is often unable to afford user-friendly digital tools to immediately show useful patterns. Biznet creates a useful interface that shows the business owner patterns in the data that they hadn’t seen before, at an affordable rate.

What it does

Biznet provides the business owner a clear understanding of their transactional data. It uses information from transactions to categorize the state, city, and zip code where purchases were made. We feel that this information could be useful to business owners who want to keep track of where their consumer base comes from, especially when commerce is decentralized through online purchases.

How I built it

We used HTML, bootstrap, javaScript, the FISERV API, and RawGraphs.io to create the visualization.

Challenges I ran into

We had planned on creating a solution that was accessible from a virtual reality headset, but we ran into hardware problems. We also had planned on using customer data from other countries, but we would either have to create our own vector graphic file or implement a Google Maps API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created a cool, interactive website that shows information that people regularly use in a real world.

What we learned

We learned about web hosting, creating data visualizations, learning how to use new tools, and working together as a team.

What's next for BizNet

Next, we plan to create a virtual reality experience where the business owner can view their customer data directly in front of their eyes. Using motion control, they can swipe to select how much data they see. Additionally, we plan to create a map that pinpoints from all over the world where their transactions are taking place.

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