Foreign-born individuals (immigrants and refugees) are often very excited about coming to the US but face intense anxiety about fitting in once they get here.

One of the primary insecurities to focus on once they are settled with housing and employment is how to integrate into the American culture.

I faced many of these same challenges when my family immigrated here, so this is a very personal issue for me. Based on what I learned navigating through these challenges, I created Atlas.

What it does

Atlas is a mobile app that uses augmented reality and machine learning to help immigrants explore new venues and experiences in their new home, in an incredibly intuitive way.

Users are shown a very simple view of nearby locations of interest, based on feedback from other immigrants within their community. A machine learning model learns over time how to recommend restaurants, landmarks, and other establishments to help immigrants reach out of their comfort zone and come in touch with the American culture in a fun way.

How I built it

I used ARKit + Corelocation for iOS, plus scikit-learn for the machine learning aspects. I leveraged MANY open-source libraries for this, so thanks to all of them!

Next steps

The application (once cleaned up) can be launched today - initially it can be seeded with destinations based on manually finding places through immigrant forums and communities, but eventually end-users can start seeding it themselves to create a vibrant, scalable application.

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