ARPro by Best Buy

Use the latest augmented reality technology to figure out the exact size of TV you want, doing live comparison. Intended to supplement the Best Buy Android and iOS app. This project was built at BizHacks 2020 and took home the second place prize, worth $250

The product

Liang and Michael developed an Android application that was a mini clone of the Best Buy Android app, with one added, key feature. They added a button which would, using AR, let you view your TV (or eventually, other consumer electronics), right from your own home in your own space. They added functionality so you could tweak the TV size on your wall (add or subtract 2", to decide exactly what size you want), live compare two TVs on the same wall, and finally enter a custom size of TV.

The impact

Benji, Daniel, and Ophir analyzed the potential impact of the product, and using IKEA as a case study for the usefulness of AR, determined Best Buy could experience a USD$9 million dollar boost in sales. They also created a well crafted and consise business pitch, viewable at the YouTube link on this page.

Next steps

The team plans to release a downloaded link where you can try out the app at home.

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