As college students we have all attended career fairs. We noticed that during these career fairs we had to worry about preparing and presenting a resume. To present the resume, the student first must create, print, and carry the resume before they hand it to the recruiter. We decided we wanted to make this hand-off more simple and better for the environment.

What it does

BizFo is an app that simplifies the career fair process. By providing the audience with a means to a digital platform that can connect the recruiter to the recruitee, we can successfully make the career fair scene both efficient and environmentally friendly. BizFo has the capabilities of uploading, sharing, viewing, and receiving resumes. These functions allow for easy transfer of information between the career fair attendees.

How we built it

We built the project in Android Studios with Java. For our database we used a mangoDB API through link. We used Balsamiq to create our wireframe, and photoshop for our image editing.

Challenges we ran into

Learning Android Studios was our first major challenge. Also we had trouble figuring out how to use mangoDB for our database system, since it doesn't seem to be widely used in Android Studios.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the fact that we created a dynamic login page, and our snazzy loading page. We are proud that we got our mechanical engineer to write some java code for us.

What we learned

We learned how to use an API, read PDF, access databases, http handling in Android Studios. We learned how to stay alive with minimal sleep.

What's next for BizFo

BizFo in the simplest terms is a large project that we have decided to take on as a team and what is seen today is just the beginning. The app is intended to be a business utility that will provide useful tools for the everyday professional and student. Once the resume share is completed, the team intends to widen is horizons by adding multiple other utilities to the app. These utilities include business card share, professional company messenger, and file share. These tools will allow for professionals and students alike to be able to improve the connections between each other.

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