In today's reality employees are making more and more business expenses through their own credit cards and gets their money back in their next salary. This is bad for the employer:

  • He cannot analyze and track his expenses (statistics/ purchase sectors etc)
  • He can lose the receipts and not report the expenses as "business expenses" (He cannot write it as a business expense)

And for the employee:

  • He is spending money from his credit card and can easily reach its limit

What it does

Bizflow is a B2B platform for the CFO that will allow him to manage the business expenses that are coming from the employees, from events to IT Supplies etc.

How we built it

  • Ionic framework: To have the ability to compile effortlessly the platform into a mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Backend with Python + CherryPy (Infrastructure that can be easily refactored to a service based system)
  • MongoDB: as our database

Challenges we ran into

  • Building a mini SDK that will allow easy access to Rapyd Api
  • Onboarding a "Company" (a lot of data is required)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Building a mini SDK
  • Complete flow (from Dashboard to Chatbot to SMS)

What we learned

  • Business impact strategy to create the most effective features
  • That I gotta work on my presentation and editing skills (ASAP)

What's next for Bizflow

  • Do a feedback loop with companies to target for product market fit (or pivot) [Already started to test my product before coding it]
  • Find companies that believes in this product to join as strategic partner to test and help the platform succeed
  • Deal with Security & Compliance
  • Hopefully collaborate with Rapyd.
  • Create a proper business plan (Sales strategy, expenses, growth methods).
  • Raise funds from VC or Angel investors to keep working on the project
  • Building a team from sales to engineering.

Visit website: email: password: 123456 Please use those credentials to avoid onboarding with a new user (signup is also available)

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