Women are born with Business skills. Business field shows statistics that 1 in 10 entrepreneurs are women. This project focused to encourage women and underrepresented groups to take entrepreneurship. The inspiration came from when I got to know how various programmes encourage women representation in the technology field. Yet there is comparatively less platforms to support women for start-ups.

What it does

Bizence is a platform where users can know about products owned and sold by women. And women entrepreneurs can publicize and market their business for free.

How I built it

The web application was built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. SignUp form contains a firebase linked to it using javascript and firebase. The website was designed using Figma. The responsive nature was obtained through the bootstrap framework.

Challenges I ran into

Connecting databases to the web application. The important aspect of the Bizence platform is the SignUp form where budding entrepreneurs can use this platform. firebase was used as a real-time database which is NoSQL language. which consists of a collection called form-bizence where the data is stored in form of various fields.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The Explore Page showcases various budding women-entrepreneurs and the SignUp form which collects data from the user and store in a real-time database in firestore. The Responsive Nature of the web application which is easily compatible with any devices.

What I learned

I learned the use of firebase and NoSQL programming languages and features and even happy that I implemented in my Hackathon project. In the designing process of the website, I learned figma application the website was designed in figma. and got to know how design thinking is more important to solve problems.

What's next for Bizence

Bizence will be more focused on deployments aspects and arranging the architecture of real-time database in firebase.

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