How to play:

Start a game by creating a room and sharing the access code to all the players. Once everyone is in, start the game and each player will be given a set of controls unique to their screen along with an action. Each player must read aloud a command on their screen, and a corresponding player must listen carefully and respond by adjusting the right controls on their screen. Any correct actions will increase the progress bar, while an incorrect action will decrease the progress bar. A team will score higher the more accurate and quicker they complete a project.


Our inspiration came from the Mobile Game "Space Team", one of our favorite co-op mobile Games. BizDev Meeting takes the mechanic of "Space Team" and 'turns it up a notch' with BizDev lingo and a Business-Meeting Role-Play scenario.

How we built it

Using Meteor.

Challenges we ran into

It was challenging to get some of the UI components done toward the end of the evening, so we decided to cut some components out for submission. A lot of code did not get refactored to save time. Despite challenges towards the end of the evening, building the core codebase was a relatively smooth process.

The game was designed to look like a Windows95 Mobile App... (if Mobile Apps were actually a thing back then). It was oddly very challenging to achieve the styles of a non-styled HTML4 table (on the Game Win screen), since table attributes are not supported in HTML5. (lol). It was fun to purposefully design and build the game to feel and look old...on purpose.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got the majority of the app running pretty quickly, and despite small issues that came up toward the end of the evening, it was fairly simple. Our team really enjoyed working together.

What's next for BizDev Meeting

I think we will finish up some of the ui components to the game is fully playable, and so that we can test it amongst our bizdev friends.

Built With

  • cron-tick
  • flash-messages
  • iron-router
  • moment.js
  • reactive-var
  • scss
  • timesync
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