Truly the story is very inspiring for me . I am a student and don't have knowledge to this type of stuffs . There is a uncle of mine who told me a few days ago that he is opening a small textile factory so, many un-employed people can get a job in this pandemic . I have a little knowledge in html and CSS he told me to create a website and told me to market this business and more than 150 people got job in 1week . I thought to make a page for this business . So, there is no technical person who will support everyone all day long so, I thought to build a chatbot and got help from all Facebook communities . And finally made a simple one and submitting it .

What it does

It is a Facebook page bot . It takes orders from it's users . Shows which products are available with price . Responds to private replies and shows contact details information about the business .

How I built it

I build it with the help of Manychat a very popular platform . And also used my Facebook page .

Challenges I ran into

It was a lot challenging than ever . I never worked in this platform using this tool . The designs were too much hard and setting up the products was too hard for me as a absolute beginner .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am really proud that I can support small businesses in this pandemic situation and this will help the workers of the factory to get more orders to earn a bit more .

What I learned

The full work actually learning . I learnt how to work with small businesses and I also learnt how teamwork works actually . I learnt planning and a bit of marketing .

What's next for Biz-Commerce

Right now it is just a demo . If it works better for the business I will surely make it more user friendly and design it better that no one could imagine that a chat bot can manage a whole business .

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