Today artificial intelligence is at the hands of a few. If you want to automate something with a deeper understanding of the context, you need struggle through mathematics, coding, statistics or find a SaaS provider and rebuild all your processes to accommodate this new provider. Try checking a sentiment of your blog posts or PR release without leaving

We want to put A.I. at everyone's hands.

What it does

Bitskout is a SaaS platform where you can use drag and drop interface to create workflows. Workflows contain steps that are executed on a task to which this workflow is attached. Workflows can also contains A.I. models that can analyse images, videos, text and etc. A.I. models are also created using user interface with no coding required.

For instance, if you want to check a press release for a sentiment, you can create a text analysis model that checks a given text for Positive sentiment. Then you can put this model into a workflow that has two steps:

  1. Check if task has an attachment
  2. Check attachment text via Positivity model.

If text is positive, then the workflow execution will result in success and the task will get a label that you specified. If text is not positive, then the workflow execution will result in failure and the task will be rejected (or will get the label you specified).

Additionally, a successful workflow execution will also result in a token to be given to task assignee that you can use as a basis for reward system design.

How we built it

Tirelessly working at week-ends and nights :) We are still building it and having a lot of fun. Nothing beats the feeling of doing something important and transformative.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finally launched it this November and also we were a winner of REBUILD Expo in Barcelona.

What we learned

In development nothings beats small steps and a process.

What's next for Bitskout - No-code A.I. for your projects

So many exciting things and the most importantly - bringing success to our users and helping them in navigating the joy of running A.I. and looking how their progress accelerates.

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