What was behind Bitskout

While working in large corporations we saw that time based tracking is the basis for almost all decisions about performance. But we all know that using results instead time for performance analysis is the key for productivity. At the end, we want pay for results. The issue is that to track results you need algorithms that understand the context, your particular context, however, there are no domain specific algorithms. It was clear for us that this is the problem we want to address - allowing enterprise collect data, create their own algorithms without breaking current processes and maintaining motivation of their people is a tough nut to crack.

What we've learned

We've learned how motivation of the parties is important. Building a solution requires an understanding what drives people to do things, and even if you force the whole engineering unit to collect the photos, it does not automatically means that they will do it. Understand how those forces work lead us to choose blockchain and tokens in our architecture. This allows project managers create reward systems and convert our tokens into any reward points they have currently.

What are the challenges

The challenge is always to find an optimal way to boost performance without breaking a process. Change management is very difficult, and simplifying your solution is the key to address that. I would say that we spent 70% of the time removing features than adding them. And also this time we've decided to make "slow" development - a lot of time thinking, and much less time actual coding which helped us to build a very good architecture and avoid burnout.

Why we are building Bitskout

There are always a lot of reasons to build a great product, and if I would choose one, then I would say that we've built Bitskout to make people happy at work. There are so many mundane tasks, double checks, triple checks and distractions that at the end of the day even the best jobs become exhausting. And we hope that adding AI to the mix in a proper way could save people a lot of time and remove anxiety. It is a great problem to solve because, as per reports, only 18% of employee claim that they are engaged in their work.

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