Bitcoin's Blockchain is revolutionary for it's power to create consensus.

One lesser-known part of this consensus is Bitcoin Script, the world's first universally bug-for-bug compatible scripting language. By creating and tracking identities in the bitcoin blockchain, we can devise a system in which authentication requirements are defined by end users. This means:

  • password-less, phishing-proof, and multi-signature login
  • 100% verifiable software signing
  • distributed systems key revocation and migration

Bitcoin Script and blockchain-based identities, open the door to huge innovation:

  • decentralized DNS and PKI
  • paid seeding systems (BitTorrent, Tor nodes, bitcoin nodes, etc.)
  • universal, cross-system identity

For any of this to happen though, the world needs a good Bitcoin Script editor/debugger. That's what we built:

  • Bitcoin Script editor. (Angular & Ionic)
  • Stateless bitcoin script evaluation engine. (Typescript)

the presentation

You can find our code here: bitscript/bitscript

And our presentation source here: bitscript/slides

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