Three generations of Jannis' grandfathers have been sausage makers, and they were all robbed! We need to make sausage creation safe.

What it does

We created an NFT contract for BitSausages, which then get transferred to an Auction contract. The Auction contract allows other users to bid Ether on the BitSausage Token. Once the Auction is over, the winner gets the BitSausage token. Then can then exchange it in the real world for a sausage in Germany

How we built it

We made the Solidity contracts and got the nft tokens linked up to the auction. Then we built a front end Dapp that can call the functions. Then we built out a subgraph that sources all the events released by the Auction. This lets our dApp easily update to reflect the latest bids. It shows how easy The Graph makes it to have a backend that stores all Ethereum data, and use it for a Dapp.

Challenges we ran into

We really wanted to show how easy the graph makes it to index data. However The Graph is still very new software, and our engineering team was working long hours during the hackathon with us, and other teams building on the graph, to push updates all weekend. We made so much progress, and it was greate community building.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the Dapp to work, and having an amazing story. Improving The Graph software and working with the teams.

What we learned

Wouldn't be a bad idea to come up with hackathon ideas a few days before the hackathon actually starts!

What's next for Bitsausage

Feeding every German, and then feeding every human in the world!

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