The fusion between art, technology, and this hackathon. We search for something fun and viable to do a prototype in this short time period.

What it does

Detects your dance poses and if it detects you are dancing the YMCA song, it starts playing it until detects you are not dancing it anymore.

How we built it

Team effort. We divided tasks and each member did one component in one week! Afterward, we integrate everything and worked! :)

Challenges we ran into

Finding time to dedicate to this project and using the libraries.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The prototype we made :)

What we learned

Be aware of all the available material that might be useful to create beautiful projects that integrate art and technology.

What's next for Bitrate Dance-Song Detector

Improve web page design Improve Classifier's accuracy by adding more data and tunning the model, since it has been trained only in data from people of the group. In order to be more accurate, we would need to add more data from different people with different shapes of the body and sizes. In addition, people might do differently the poses for the same song. So, we probably will have overfitting if the model is being tested with other people. Add support for more songs: train other classifiers to identify which song is being danced. In the future it would be good to be able to create dynamically support for new songs, training the model with data. For this feature several steps are needed:

  • Have a view for capturing poses for a certain song
  • The system would need to train the model with the data generated
  • Once the model is trained it should be integrated with the server to classify poses against the new song

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