Bitmates: On Demand Delivery using Bitcoin Payments

An iOS app that allows you to order deliveries from friends via Postmates' on demand delivery services. Have a friend that you want to deliver something to? You can select your friend from a list of contacts and enter a pick up and drop off address to generate a delivery quote. If the estimated price and duration seem acceptable to you, you can fill out the order form and enter your Blockchain wallet identifier and password to send the delivery info to a Postmates courier and send your bitcoin payment to your friends' bitcoin address.

The app uses ios-postmates, an iOS wrapper for the Postmates REST API. Snaheth and I wrote the iOS and Android libraries for the Postmates API while at CalHacks and used the iOS library as the foundation for Bitmates.

The iOS library can be found here:

The Android library can be found here:

The app also uses Blockchain's payment API for sending bitcoin payments as well as the Onename API for bitcoin address look up services.

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