Our team of two came to HackLondon with two goals:

1) To bolster our fledgling Javascript skillsets 2) Play around with all of the exciting open data we would be presented with.

Initial suggestions of data visualisation, 3D and virtual reality quickly came together to form the idea of visualising location-based data on a 3D interactive map, which would lend itself well to the increasingly interactive nature of the web and technology today. A quick browse on Mashape for APIs highlighted Bitcoin data as a really exciting area for us to start off in.

Building a solid foundation for such an interactive project by combining the three.js 3D modelling library, which is traditionally very static, with AngularJS, a front-end framework known for its dynamic nature, was a challenge, but we are happy to say that we have succeeded and can now easily present any data given with latitudinal and longitudinal data on our globe.

This is a very experimental project that we see a lot of potential in, and we have a long list of extra features and extensions. We also feel this platform would port equally well for a range of different subject areas, using open API data and will soon experiment with doing so.

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