Getting lost inside a building is in some ways more confusing than getting lost outside. The building is in a way a simplified maze. Navigation inside a building could be challenging for people of all age groups and most especially the elder ones. While we have excellent and precise navigation aids for outdoors, the technology is not that advanced in indoors. The age old techniques of signposts does not work that well for modern buildings which are huge and multi storeyed. Here with the BitMap app we try to give a simple and easy navigation method for indoors using beacon technology. We intend to make the navigation visual and real time.

What it does

The process can be essentially classified in to the following categories:

1) The user scans a QR code installed at the entrance of the building using the BitMap app installed in his/her mobile phone. This will load the map of the building with his current position shown in map pointer. The advantage with QR code is that there is no need of internet for loading the map in app. 2) The user can then choose the destination he has to reach in the map and then click the option to navigate. 3) The app will then highlight the shortest path to the destination and as the user begins to navigate his real time position will be updated.

How we built it

The following are the hardwares used for tracking the movements: 1) Ibeacon broadcast. 2) Smartphone

The following technology is used in the back end: 1) QT 2) Q Bluetooth

Challenges we ran into

We faced two main challenges:

1) Compressing the map to be stored in the limited storage offered by the QR codes. 2) Updating the real time position coordinates from the RSSI data obtained from the beacons.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to achieve the position coordinates from the beacon readings and also compress the map to be represented in QR codes.

What we learned

We were able to learn two major technologies: 1) Beacon technology 2) Trilateration and Trianguation Algorithms for obtaining position coordinates.

What's next for BitMap

We intend to bring voice assistance as a navigation aid.

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