BitHealth is a healthcare system using Bitcoin Blockchain technology for storing and securing Healthcare Data. Data privacy, Data breach and reliability are biggest concerns in Healthcare. To store and securely transmit healthcare data across the globe, BitHealth is designed. It is using blockchain technology of bitcoin to store healthcare data and retrieve it from any node all over the world. Since we are using blockchain, data is distributed internationally using peer-to-peer filesharing technology similar to BitTorrent. So even in case of internet outage we can retrieve data from local node. Users can generate public and private key and encrypt data using public key to store records in block chain. Perk of using this technology is that it will solve other issues data duplication, comply with CIA triad, reduce cost for insurance and other expenditures, decentralization of medical records etc etc. Patients can use it for securing their data and doctors can use it to retrieve medical records and health information exchange and bitcoin can be used for payment and insurance companies can use for retrieving medical history. Demo will be of genrating Bitcoin address and encrypting data and retrieving records.

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