I thought it would be great to create a service with API and web-interface, so it allows to split costs between multiple participants. Also acts as a swap service LN -> on-chain.

How I built it

Just programmed using open-source tools. Many important suggestions was made by @fiatjaf and R. Pickhardt

Challenges I ran into

Awful documentation of Electrum (for devs)... Until there is no many users service is pretty useless because of long waiting time for others participants to appear. You still can use "pay for all" option and send your tx as separate, but then you must pay full network fee.

What's next for BitFlash

Rene Pickard is planning to write a plugin-integration to c-lightning, so Bitflash can be utilized right from lightningd. Fiatjaf already integrated Bitflash to @lntxbot Some features are unfinished, will try to finish them until end of hackaton.

Built With

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