Across Europe, there are countless food fairs where spectacular tastes and culture allow visitors to experience new customs. During times of isolation, experiencing such events is impossible.

What it does

Bites of Culture is a smart calendar system that shows users culinary and cultural snippets from the European regions they choose to follow. Each culinary bite describes the local custom around the traditional meal, or ingredient.

City councils provide their calendar of fairs and local producers provide their products that would otherwise be sold in the fair. Bites of Culture include links to online grocery shops with the capacity to distribute the locally produced goods in all Europe.

Thus, Bites of Culture not only distributes knowledge, but also allows users all over Europe to experience bits of other countries traditions within the same periods. This also means the purchased products are most likely seasonal and can be offered in a sustainable way.

How I built it

Try it out yourself

Challenges I ran into

After coding day and night, pitching was not an easy task :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I two days I achieved a coherent platform concept and two demo applications (one for the user, the other for the city councils that facilitate the experience of using and being part of Bites of Culture.


Many thanks to Maurizio Maraglino and Rania Wazir.

What's next for Bites of Culture

I'm very happy to continue discussing the opportunities of bringing this to a functional state.

Solution’s impact to the crisis

Bites of Culture not only distributes knowledge, but also allows users all over Europe to experience bits of other countries traditions within the same periods.

Necessities in order to continue the project

Bites of Culture needs investment in the IT infrastructure in order to implement the data platform which allows for both EU citizen and City Council applications. Bites of Culture also needs business development in terms of coordination between city councils across Europe and logistics companies. Finally, Bites of Culture needs advertising and go-to-market strategies and experts

Potential Business Development

The market at the moment: The EU is home for 515 million people from which 85% have a mobile subscription (465 million unique mobile subscribers). The global search trend and prediction for online grocers, or grocery stores who offer online shopping and delivery service has had a massive interest increase. During isolation periods, a majority of European developed the habit of ordering food and groceries online. The prediction indicated that post-pandemic the habit will stay the request for online groceries will increase 460% (from 13% to 60%) compared to the demand pre-pandemic. Prediction from


Bites of Culture applies a 3% commission for every transaction. Assuming the IT infrastructure is fully functional and a market share of 1% = 23.3 million users EU wide with average yearly purchases of 300 Euro each, leads to a yearly turnover of (300EUR x 3%) x 4.65 million people = 41,85 mil EUR.
We aim for a growth rate of 20% per year.

Running costs

  • IT infrastructure costs 500.000EUR/year.
  • IT expertise / personnel 2.000.000EUR/year.
  • Business development 1.000.000EUR/year.
  • Marketing and got-to-market strategy 1.000.000/year.

TOTAL Running Costs: 4,5 million EUR / year.

Estimated profits

Turnover (41,85 mil EUR) - Accumulated Tax (50% of turnover) - Running costs (4,5 mil EUR) = 16,425 mil EUR estimated profit

Profit strategy: In the first profitable year reinvestment takes 80% (13,14 mil EUR), dividend payouts 20% The following years, according to steering committee decisions and target growth, the amount of reinvestment might decrease by 10%-20% per year.

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