In the hacking world, there is often an issue where people who have ideas and people who just want to build something that they are interested in. Thus, we decided to conquer the problem head on by building an app.

What it does

It pairs hackers together in a style similar to Tinder where hackers who have similar interests, or like an idea for a project. Therefore, hackers are able to "like" if they think they will enjoy working on the project or "skip" if they dislike it.

How we built it

Initially, we had to learn how to develop on the latest version of Android. Although some of us had some experience before developing Android applications, we either never did anything as in depth as this kind of an app, or the experience came from earlier versions of Android. We made the user authentication system first prior to the matching system. This allowed us to learn how Firebase communicated with Android. Our goal was to add more complicated features as we continued to build.

Challenges we ran into

There was a lot of issues debugging in Android. Code execution would fail quite frequently due to the nature of Android Studio and develop in Java. We overcame it by continuing to work on it because bugs became less frequent as time went on.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of how much we are able to achieve in a short amount of time. We initially tried to add as many features as we could into the application; however, we learned quickly that we had to scale back and achieve realistic goals, especially when we are still learning the software; however, we are able to create an application fairly well.

What we learned

The one thing that we learned aside from new programming languages was time management. If we were able to manage our time better, we would have been able to achieve more in the time that we are given.

What's next for Bitell

The app will probably be redone in a web platform so that it could potentially be used for Terrapin Hackers, the hacker group at the University of Maryland. Michael is one of the organizers at Terrapin Hackers and notices that the issue that this app solves is quite large at University of Maryland. Thus, he hopes that it will be an app that is used widely for the hacker community there.

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