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The BitCommit 2021 BSV Hackathon build is accessible for download via iOS test flight


BitCommit is an application that leverages user phone data to enable users to compete in trustless competitions of timed step challenges with micro-payments & record keeping performed with Bitcoin smart contracts. Below is an example of a step competition:

  • Alice creates a challenge with a start and end time of who can take the most steps , Alice pays $1 to the smart contract wallet and sends an invitation to Bob.
  • Bob accepts the invitation by matching Alice’s commitment of $1 and initiating the Scrypt smart contract.
  • When the challenge end time is reached, the BitCommit smart contract will pay out the winner who has taken the most steps.

Currently, BitCommit has all features needed for users to create, accept, and compete in step competitions for Bitcoin!


Front end

BitCommit is an iOS application written in react native.

Back end

BitCommit uses google firebase tools for the database, and back end code.


BitCommit payments leverage the HandCash connect SDK.


An sCrypt smart contract was written that will allow users to interact directly with one another without requiring any BitCommit wallets to handle payments. The sCrypt contract code with comments about implementation is included in our submission. Our original plan was to include the contract in our backend code for the submission, but after realizing that HandCash did not support the address creation feature that was needed for our sCrypt contract we decided that we would either work with HandCash later on adding the feature or eventually use a different wallet that included the features we needed to fully enable sCrypt.

Business Model

Any time a competition is completed BitCommit will collect a fee for allowing competitors to compete.

Future Plans


The highest priority at BitCommit is enabling true peer to peer competitions by utilizing our completed sCrypt smart contract. We will continue to develop our step challenge contract to include more features as well as design new challenge contracts.


Currently, apple health kit step data is used to evaluate the competition results. In the future we plan to expand our use of the apple health kit, other phone data, and user input data for competitions.


Individuals leverage their health data for Apple fitness competitions, corporate health benefit cost reduction, and even government sponsored health incentives. We believe that BitCommit will ignite the most efficient form of a “movement economy” by increasing data integrity.

We believe that the most important feature of BitCommit is that through the process of a peer to peer competition integrity is added to the data. If competitors believe that opponents can cheat they will refuse to compete. Through health competitions we expect true step data trends to emerge for individuals. We expect that beyond engaging in competition individuals should benefit from the data of their historic competitions.

BitCommit’s long term vision is supporting individuals in leveraging their data for profit by recording their personal data privately on chain with high integrity through the process of engaging in peer to peer competitions.


Gary Miller - Vince Miller -

We competed in the 2020 hackathon with our product Obsurv. Since then Obsurv has been completely rebuilt into a mobile application, and will launch soon. Obsurv has been working great in beta, and we expect great results at launch.

To rebuild Obsurv we needed to learn an entirely new suite of tools. The skills we used to rebuild Obsurv were used to build the BitCommit MVP entirely within the hackathon start and end dates.

Previously, our Bitcoin development focused on using popular Bitcoin wallets for payments, and the Bitcoin blockchain for storing data. A lot of our focus during the hackathon was spent learning sCrypt, and we both expect to be Bitcoin smart contract experts. We are excited to work with HandCash or other Bitcoin wallet developers to incorporate sCrypt contracts for trustless competitions.

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