Inspiration & What We Hope To Accomplish

For this "Super Bowl" style commercial, we took inspiration from some of the best ad campaigns and commercials we've come across in our lifetimes. Why were they memorable to us? Why did they have an impact? How did they accomplish their goals? We realized that the most effective commercials are often the simplest. Rather than try to explain Bitcoin in 60 seconds or less, we focused on making an impact in our viewers. Rather than tell the viewer that Bitcoin is "Sound Money," we decided to show it using conflict, comedy, emotion, and the resolution of conflict. Our goal was not for the viewer to walk away with a comprehensive understanding of Bitcoin, but rather, for the viewer to walk away with a desire to learn more.

How We Buitl It

This commercial was shot with relatively basic camera equipment. We used a Canon 60D, Rokanon prime lenses, and we edited using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. All sound effects and music came from free to use, royalty free online repositories, such as the one offered by YouTube. All props, such as the fake gold bar, were fabricated or sourced by Brekkie von Bitcoin.

Challenges & What We Learned

Our biggest challenges were time and money. Our team members all have busy schedules so making everything work was a challenge, and with other guaranteed paying jobs that popped up, we ended up with far less time than we anticipated. We actually had three fully fleshed out scripts written for three different commercials, but we ended up only having time for the simplest, and hopefully, most effective of the three. With anything creative though, constraints often lead to even greater creativity. While working on this commercial, these constraints actually reminded us of Bitcoin as a whole. There are constraints on Bitcoin, the block size for instance, and they are there for a reason. Working within those constraints has led to innovations like Liquid and the Lightning Network, and we learned that these constraints are in fact a blessing not a curse. There are many things we would have done differently if we were to remake this commercial, but we definitely learned that leaning into your constraints, working with them rather than fighting them, results in a far superior end result.

What's next for Bitcoin Super Bowl Commercial

Well this was a one off project, spurred by this Hackathon, but we would love to continue making commercials and ad campaigns for Bitcoin and Bitcoin related companies. Our team has a wealth of production and marketing experience and we would love to find partners who share our Bitcoiner ethos who are looking to put more high quality Bitcoin content out in order to help promote education and adoption of Bitcoin.

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