I believe Bitcoin is really great alternative to the current financial system so I wanted to do something to improve the ecosystem. Smart contracts are something that people have been working on for quite sometime but so far nothing intuitive and easy to use was built so I built this project.

Smart contracts make sure that the code (and not a human) verifies whether or not someone owns a certain bitcoin. The protocol itself has the Bitcoin script, but it's not Turing complete and has limitations in order to ensure security. This project makes it possible to use any Javascript code to decide whether or not coins can be spent. For example on a marketplace like ebay, the seller and buyer can agree to a contract which tracks the package and only once it's delivered, it unlocks the funds to the seller, this can't be done with the Bitcoin script alone, but once this project is fully functional it could be achieved without any human intervention. Another example would be wills and testaments, someone could decide to unlock the funds to a certain relative when they are inactive online for let's say a month and it could be all done with code without any human intervention. So in a sense, this makes the system more efficient.

The target user can be just about anybody because a lot of the currently written contracts could be "codefied". But initially, it would be mostly useful to bitcoin enthusiats.

The key feature of the app is basically the app itself, I think it's pretty cool that code can control the flow of money.

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