So there are 2 ways to profit from the rise of Bitcoin. Why don't we add a bit of variation and excitement. By allowing all the legalized aged persons to bet on the bitcoin.

What it does

First it checks whether the gambler is above 18 years old (German legalized betting age), by obtaining the credential of the details from Deutsche Bank (AgeCertificate) and then it will let the gambler bet based on the balance they have on their bank account (Deutsche Bank API Current Balance).

How I built it

Backend with Python Cherrypy, Frontend with Bootstrap and Javascript.

Challenges I ran into

Using API from Deutsche Bank. I stuck quite a while while trying to obtain the token. Then I changed from implicit to Authorization Code.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have completed 80% of the project by myself in 13 Hours!

What I learned

It's hard to find people to trust.

What's next for Bitcoin Price Better

If Deutsche Bank make their API public, I will use smart contract from Ethereum for the whole system and commercialize it. By using smart contract, I can dynamically determine the winning prize by the amount of the Gambler.

Built With

  • deutsche-bank
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