Bitcoin network drawer

This wep application has two functions.

  1. Aggregating history of bitcoin addresses of a given bitcoin address and drawing of the bitcoin network.
  2. Finding clusters of the bitcoin network from 1 and showing them in different colors.

Only nodes, which are two transactions away from the origin address, are available. *Limitation: It shows only small enough networks to get all nodes of in 20 seconds.

virtualenb <your virtual env>
pip install -r requirements.txt

Go to and install the library by running:

python the/folder/you/download/the/above/ install

In local mode: gunicorn server:app --timeout 20


On Heroku:


Web framework: Flask(, Gunicorn( Data source: Clustering libraries: NetworkX(, Community Detection( Visualization libraries: D3.js(, Interactive Force Directed Graph(, Bootstrap3(

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