Inspiration, Mali Mtaani is a Kenyan chama community in the Rift Valley that aims to help members expand their businesses, increase yields, and negotiate better prices for their products through collaboration and mutual support. However, like many other Chama's in Kenya and Africa, Mali Mtaani also faces challenges such as transparency issues, difficulty managing finances, limited access to banking services, and security risks.

What it does, Our solution is Bitcoin Chama, a Blockchain DAO that brings accountability, responsible management, and transparency to Chama's in Kenya

How we built it , Bitcoin Chama is built on the Clarity smart contract language and deployed on the Hiro wallet test net, with integration to the Stacks blockchain. It utilizes the web3 modal and Clarity-js library to connect with the front-end web application.

Challenges we ran into Deployment, blockchain education to local communities and its benefit to them due to the technology being new in Africa.

Accomplishments , we're proud of We are thrilled to announce that our project has gained significant interest, with three university groups already on our Discord channel's waitlist and ready to use our product. This early support is a testament to the potential impact of our blockchain DAO solution on chama communities in Kenya.

What we learned, From developing using the Stalk blockchain to how clarity works to why Bitcoin has for the years from 2009 been a standout digital currency.

What's next for Bitcoin Chama's , There are several possibilities for Bitcoin Chama's future. One potential direction is expanding to other regions in Africa where Chamas are popular and could benefit from a blockchain solution. Another possibility is integrating additional features, such as automated financial management tools or communication channels within the DAO. Additionally, We are also looking for Universities which are also embracing the Chama culture.

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