There was no cheap bitcoin cloud hosting so i've decided to make one. Moreover it's a great example of what FreeBSD tools & software can be used for. Efficiency make prices unfairly cheap.

What it does

Acts as a bridge between cloud providers, which allows to order Virtual Private Server (VPS) of various configurations and hosters. It has open-source VPS templating, so users can contrbute and add new features to ready-to-go images

What you can spin up

Run TOR .onion service or Telegram bots, set up LN Node in less than 3 minutes - control it with CLI Wallet tool. Also, you may run some general purpose instances, like VPN or clean linux VPS


How to run your lighning node for <22 000 sats/month in 5 simple commands in your terminal:

Create VPS

$ curl

"host": "CorCaroli",
"paytostart": "lnbc..jy"

Pay over LN for VPS and get status

$ curl

"app_port": 51316,
"hours_left": 4,
"ip": "",
"ssh2onion": "you can ssh directly to your .onion (/home/lightning/onion.domain) on port 22",
"ssh_port": 61398,
"ssh_pwd": "d621cf02ad4be631",
"ssh_usr": "lightning",
"status": "subscribed"

Copy your ssh key using ssh_pwd

$ ssh-copy-id -p61398

/usr/bin/ssh-copy-id: INFO: attempting to log in...
/usr/bin/ssh-copy-id: INFO: 1 key(s) remain to be installed...
Password for

Login to you LN node

$ ssh -p61398

Control your node [lightning@cln203fccd8 ~]$ [tmux | | stop_lightningd | lightning-cli]

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