Built on top on BitCasa android sdk ,This is not just a regular cloud file explorer but a handy app to organize and maintain your BitCasa cloud instance with least number of clicks.

On the main screen you get -Overview of your account like plan , last login. -Summary of Data usage like Total quota for your account , Used up space, remaining. A badge gets displayed with a notification if you are reaching near to your limit ( right now less than 1 GB space left enables a notification) -Know which categories of files exist and how many.( like images, videos, folders) -You can view your shares.

  • You can add , remove and share files, folders. -You can search for files and see their path , metadata like size and shared or not. -You can backup call logs and contacts to Bitcasa.

In the other navigation tabs you can add , remove files , folders and shares.

Unique features of this app :

-A pure native mobile app based v2 of Bitcasa API.

-Intelligence to detect duplicates on the cloud and show them to users.

-Option to use other url shorteners apart from BitCasa provided short url for flexible sharing.

-A shake based sharing for images and documents if both devices run this app ( acloud to cloud transfer between bitcasa instances with no intermediate server but just a Pubnub server for messaging)

-Provides a webview to show bitcasa upgrade your account page.

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