We wanted to do something involving bitcoin and chrome extension, and came across this idea.

What it does

Allows you to shop online on a site that doesn't traditionally accept bitcoin. When you make a purchase, it sends the bitcoin to our coinbase account, and we issue you a prepaid capital one Nessie credit card that you can use to make your purchase. No annoying 10-minute confirmations!

How we built it

We have a node.js backend on heroku running the API integrations. We use the coinbase and Nessie APIs to handle the money, and deliver the app via a chrome extension. Firebase stores a hashmap between nessie customer ids and coinbase customer ids.

Challenges we ran into

API integration issues, Implementing OAuth2,

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Node.JS integrations; pratical application, simple and elegant

What we learned

How to use these APIs, make a chrome extension.

What's next for Bitcard

Use of other cryptocurrencies, integration with other online wallet providers

Built With

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