We wanted to make people aware of the financial freedom and empowerment people can have by using cryptocurrencies rather than fiat currencies. With a quick glance (and eventually some useful calculations) hopefully this app would be a first step for many.

What it does

The app itself pulls data from an Amazon EC2 instance running node.js which is utilizing the Coinbase API to perform HTTP GET requests to pull current exchange rates. The VM is also running Apache to view the simple site where the app can be downloaded.

How I built it

Android Studio, Notepad++, Amazon AWS, Balsamiq

Challenges I ran into

Node.js was a first for all of us. It was....interesting. We also noticed it seems like the Chapel Hill DNS is not updating properly as we can use a VPN to connect to the site fine, but while connected on the UNC-Guest or UNC-PSK LAN's it goes to a parked domain, as if it hasn't picked up the new DNS A record we have added pointing to the public IP of the EC2 instance. Getting the client-server architecture to communicate was difficult and unfortunately we weren't able to get it completely working.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to stand up the server as well as develop the application itself. Unfortunately we couldn't get the client and server speaking due to our lack of prior experience with node.js

What I learned


What's next for BitCapitalOne

Eventually it would be nice to utilize Capital One's API as well as WolframAlpha to help create useful and applicable calculations to users.

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