This is a bookstore marketplace app. People can buy and sell books without the money being exchanged through online means. The money-goods transactions is done face-to-face. One Can Create Their Account Here, And Once They Have A Free Account They Can View The Contact Information Of People Selling Books. There Is Also A Search Function To Make Finding Whatever Book You Want Easier. Finally It Has Used The Onessie (Capital One) API To Fund the Seller's Account Which Costs A Measly 50 Cents per Posting (May Remove The Fee Though). Why Is This Better Then Ebay, Bookstores, And Amazon? Because All Of Those Companies Are Not For The People. Is! The Website Doesn't Touch The Money At All, So There Are No Fees Besides The Initial 50 Cents, And Since It Is Local, After Contacting Each other, The Buyer & Seller, decide the location and time to Exchange The Book & Money!

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