We were inspired by the artistic martial arts, Wushu. 3 of our team members are enthusiastic trainees who practice every week, and wanted to make it easier for people to also learn self-defense.

How it works

We used the Myo armband to detect the user's form and make sure they are punching and blocking correctly. We used the pose function of it to wait for the user to make a fist, and utilized the accelerometer to track the movement of the user's arm. After much practice, our user will turn into a crime-fighting bruce lee-esque master.

Challenges I ran into

It was our teams first time using the myo armband, and 3/4 of our members had no experience with unity/c#. However we pushed through and had a fun time learning these new technologies! All with the help of copious ice cream.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of this entire app :) It was very enjoyable to make and to use.

What I learned

We can do ANYTHING!

What's next for Myo Defender

Create a larger variety of attacks and defenses to learn and to make fake villains to test the users skills! And to keep having fun :)

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