With our software we are striving for innovation related to mental health. We can help bring positivity and motivation into people's lives, which in turn will help decrease stress and negative thoughts, as well as increase mental health. Mental health is an issue that affects about 1 in 5 adults nationwide. That number increases to 1 in 4 when you narrow the demographics to college-aged adults. This is a huge issue all around the world that needs to be addressed and solves, this is the issue we are trying to tackle in our software. Our project MotivateMe gives users access to a variety of inspirational and motivational quotes that they will receive throughout the day on our GroupMe chat, they can also be members of a community of people who are also looking for more positivity in their life. On this community users can post their teachings, and advice as well as any inspirational messages they have. MotivateMe will help boost confidence, and influence happiness.

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