We wanted to create a website that had the ease of use like the usual e-commerce chains like Amazon or Ebay, with an integration into supporting the exchange of cryptocurrency technology.

What it does

Merchants who register on the site will have the ability to set up their own accounts for selling their own digital products or services in exchange for Bitcoin. Likewise, consumers who are in the market for purchasing digital content will have the ability to interface with these merchants and set up an exchange for goods and services.

Digital goods such as E-Books, PDFs, game keys, or services like freelancing work are accepted for trade.

How I built it

In the beginning, we set up the core of the site's features using PHP. We looked into our options on what would support an e-commerce site and utilized Cockroach DB for the ease of use of creating and maintaining scalable databases.

Next, we set out to look into the Coinbase API which would aid in creating an escrow system built into the site to ensure that all transactions were fairly met. The API would also perform functions like creating wallets and checkout pages for when you purchase a product on the site.

Challenges I ran into

It was the first time I had to work with AWS solutions which took a good chunk of time to set up before getting into the actual work at the beginning of the event. We also had a few issues with the Coinbase API in which prevented us from fully implementing into our website. Another big challenge to note is the efficient use of time as you balance the ratio between working on features that are needed and not wanted. Very important.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working with a very talented team to accomplish a unified goal. Everyone on the team had their own talents and were able to collaborate efficiently and responsively. BitBuy allowed us to push beyond our developmental comfort zones and exceed our personal expectations.

What I learned

Planning and organizing are everything, especially in a time-constrained project that is this 32-hour hackathon. While it is good to discuss what project we will be working on at the start of the event, it's better to get things down on paper and construct a logical roadmap that all members of your team can comfortably acknowledge and work with.

What's next for BitBuy

Implementing APIs and finalizing features that have not been able to make it into the final cut before the deadline.

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