Step into the world of high-stakes predictions and exhilarating trades with BitBully, the Bitcoin prediction market that lets you bet on the future utilizing the world's most popular cryptocurrency.

Decentralized Markets

Decentralized oracle network will provide accurate and reliable data for resolving prediction markets.

User-Customized Markets

Users can create and customize their own prediction markets based on any topic or event, incentivizing them to create and participate in more prediction markets.

Liquidity Incentives

Liquidity incentives to users who provide liquidity to prediction markets, such as staking tokens or providing collateral for prediction markets.

Token Incentives

Token incentives for users who correctly predict the outcome of a prediction market, incentivizing them to participate and make accurate predictions.


Gamification elements makes it more fun and engaging for users, future features include leaderboards, badges, and rewards for active participation.

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