People spend money recklessly nowadays without giving a second thought. This project aims to put a cap on the spending and lending behaviour.

What it does

The project aims at tracking personal finance of our users by our services , through the package of web and applications we ensure that the money earnt is scrutinised before overspending. NOTE:- This site is not MOBILE RESPONSIVE !

How I built it

The project has been initiated from scratch by our team in order to keep a track on the money spent and money lent by an individual so that we can contribute in sorting the personal finance of our users digitally through our web and application services. The project basically is comprised of a webpage and two mobile applications. The webpage is designed and made to function by using ___ The applications are made from scratch using kotlin, xml, sql and material design class which enhances the User Interface of our applications. The webapp i.e. "Expense Analyser" takes in the user's salary, and the record of his expenditure over a month and warns him whenever the expenditure limit is reached. It also contains the links for the mobile applications which we could download. The first application i.e. "Finance Quiz" application which tests an individual's finance knowledge through a small quiz and advices him based on his performance. The second application i.e "Udhaar Tracker" is a tracking application that tracks the money lent by an individual and provides the option to redirect the user to the phonebook inorder to call the borrower.

Challenges I ran into

There was a functionality of calling the borrower in the "Udhaar Tracker" application but when the functionality was carried out, it resulted in the app crash. I tried making the site mobile responsive but I couldn't. I personally feel the responsive functionality requires more time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learnt the basic concepts of sqllite and material design components and the advanced css properties and javascript functions.

What I learned

We learnt how to use a database in an android application and how to retrieve it and also the use of many CSS properties which adds animation to our website.

What's next for bitBucker

We will look forward to implement the call functionality. Also, we hope to get the data of money spent through UPI means.

To get a better understanding of the project bitBucker , refer the presentation first.

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