Bitcoin is an amazing platform with limitless potential. It can be used to pay without restrictions or fees, but there is currently not an option for iOS that 'just works'. That changes today.

Inspired by the ease of use of Apple Pay, BitBeacon allows the average consumer to wirelessly pay using Bitcoin without scanning a QR code or typing in an address. The BitBeacon apps (business and client) communicate over Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing for secure and fast communication. Users with an iPhone 5s or higher can authenticate their transactions using Touch ID, providing an extra layer of security over a PIN. BitPay's API is used to process transactions, allowing businesses to receive payment in their local currency without any fees!

The client app is designed to be as fast as possible. It takes only 5-10 seconds to pay, from start to finish! We are targeting anyone who sees Bitcoin as a viable payment system, but is frustrated by the difficulty of use at the current time.

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