Having run my own remote venture studio (completely bootstrapped) I have realised that entrepreneurs need access to capital, technical know-how and marketing prowess. I then went about building technologies to solve distribution and user acquisition using AI, and now I have realised the importance of having a community which can back companies to flourish. Thus, I propose a DAO which is focussed on the long term success of companies it backs. Community can provide intel on technology, marketing (customer/user acquisition) besides helping with initially bootstrapping liquidity. The community gets rewards for sustained help throughout the growth trajectory of the startup.

What it does

Community Governance to select projects to help. Whitelisted wallets allowed to invest Fair Token Launches and Guaranteed Allocation AI for predictive growth of incubated projects

How we built it and plan to build it

We have a community on discord as well which is passionate about startups and growth. We have ran sales to validate we can get sales/users for incubated companies with tech and power of community

Challenges we ran into

Decentralising aspects of the project User flows Cryptoeconomic Incentives and Token System Coding up stuff on Solana

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building growth tech and initial version of our product What I learned Rome was not built in a day, this is a long term project not a quick flip kind of project. What's next for Bitbaza.dao Decentralise the project and empower/expand community

Built With

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