We thought that it would be useful to have an application that scans liquor store receipts to keep track of your alcohol supplies. It is very useful to know what are your current supplies - especially when planning to make a cocktail. By the way, we are planning to improve our web application so that it will be able to give you a variety of cocktail recipes based on the alcohol you currently have in stock.

What it does

bitbar is a web application that asks the user to sign up and then log in. The application then requires the user to upload an image of an LCBO receipt. ComputerVision API created by Veryfi then reads the receipt, extracts information from the receipt in text format, and stores all the necessary information from the receipt in an SQL Database. The users can then check what alcohol supplies they currently have by pressing on the View Available Alcohol button.

How we built it

We built it using Python, Flask, SQL Database, SQLite, HTML and an API from Veryfi. Python and Flask are used to integrate the OCR API and use it appropriately to read the receipt file and extract information from it. Python and SQLite then make sure that only the necessary information from the receipt is stored in the database, in relevant categories. The database is also used to store the user's ID, based on one's login information; this is needed so that each user can keep track of their alcohol supplies - a functionality implemented with the help of SQLite and Python. Finally, Flask and HTML were used to put everything into a nice, easy-to-use web application.

Challenges we ran into

Since we had very little experience working with databases in general, it was often difficult to debug the program, find the program and understand how it can be solved. However, we got the hang of it after some time, and it seemed less confusing than before. The web page design presented us with new challenges as well, since we do not have a lot of HTML experience. At the end, we managed to create a simple, yet easy-to-use web application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have this project overall, since we basically created a working web application with implementation of technologies we almost never used before, such as SQL Database, SQLite and HTML. We are also proud to create a web application that can be of great use to restaurants and bars - this will save them a lot of time when it comes to keeping track of your supplies.

What we learned

We definitely improved our programming skills. We learned a lot more about SQL Database, SQLite, HTML and CSS. We also learned that creating a web application is very challenging at times, and that a team needs to have an excellent and efficient working environment to implement all the features as planned in just 36 hours.

What's next for bitbar

We are planning to create a cocktail menu that shows all the possible cocktails the client can make with their current alcohol inventory. This will attract more users and make our web app more helpful. We are also planning to make a mobile application, and add functionality of telling bitbar what alcohol you used up/drank, so that the inventory will always reflect the current reality. Finally, we will also improve the design of our web app to make it more attractive.

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