Blockchain is the next wave of the internet just like http web 1.0

What it does

wallet bitcoin or ethereum
South African currency wallet
Buy crypto
send/pay crypto
accept crypto in your store
proof of secure transaction on the blockchain network e.g etherscan

How I built it

create smart contract using remix IDE for ethereum network web3js to interact with my smart contract private-public keys generator using RSA nodejs to serve static web files express to route APIs HTML, JS and bootstrap for frontend

Challenges I ran into

Lack of documentation on blockchain stuff

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

a fully functioning that I may monetise to sell bitcoin to south africans without bank account and internet banking

What I learned

That the world is ready to move from in-person interactions.

What's next for BitApp wallet

Should Ayoba not includes for their production microapps I will build an android app and publish to playstore

Built With

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