We have identified our problem defination in the micro-economic and environment sustainability problem scope. As we know that we are already in web3 internet era but we still don't have a general-purpose marketplace to buy, sell and resell any environment friendly sustainable products and services using crytocurrency transection. There's also no way to order fresh homemade food without a traditional currency.

What it does

In our marketplace users can buy and sell environment friendly handcrafted products and order bakery items which are made of fresh local grown ingridiants. The only transectionable currency can be used in our marketplace is a NFT-based cryptocurrency.

How we built it

Our solution is solving a microeconomic problem by creating a decentralized application and NFT based crypto-currency utilizing Blockchain technology. A part of our application is build upon Pi network utilizing Pi-Tokens. Our application is a micro service architechture based application deployed on AWS server. It utilizes IPFS infeura, a distributed decentralized public ledger to store data. With the help of Pi network and Pi currency we were able to deploy our application to mobile devices. We also developed our own ethereum smart contract based unique currency token named UNIQ.

Challenges we ran into

a. Didn't know how to host and deploy an application on AWS-EC2. b. How to store data in a decentralized ledger for a decentralized application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

a. We build our very own NFT based cryptocurrency token named UNIQ. b. We came up with e decentralized general-purpose marketplace which transect crypto.

What we learned

a. How to make decentralized applications using blockchain technologies. b. How to make NFT based cryptocurrency. c. Building application on Pi-Network. d. Deploying application on AWS EC2.

What's next

a. Adding more features. b. Better UI/UX

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