The computer science community suffers from the stigma that all programmers are not physically active or uninterested in sports. This does hold a grain of truth, but we believe that we can create an application that is able to motivate and help CS students, athletes, and anyone willing to improve themselves physically by keeping track of their progress. It simplifies the need to have a notebook/spreadsheet to keep track of routines and uses a timer to optimize workout time to keep high momentum at all times. We feel that it would be the best use of our skills to provide the key to any workout routine - consistency.

What it does

The website explains what the application entails and the android project, at the moment, lets users write a couple exercises at a time in order to get a start, with a few suggestions from the developers.

How I built it

The website was built with Mobirise to dish out a fast prototype of how we want to establish our online image. It shows the core features and design aspects we want to implement and how we want the project to be seen as. Mostly the web components are for marketing to provide access to our application.

The application itself was built in android studio written in java and using all of the default values/structures for a beginners android project.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge was to start the application itself since our team had never developed in mobile before. Having to set up the environment, working with multiple views, designing an android applications was a lot for an inexperienced team. However, through communication, use of resources and determination we got to dive into this whole new world and managed to work with our limited experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of our marketing website and how it portrays our idea effectively. We are also proud of what we achieved with the mobile application as we sincerely came with no experience and left with working knowledge of how to start a mobile app - which will prove invaluable as we keep moving forward.

What I learned

We learned how to work in a team and subdivide tasks in order to achieve a good goal, furthermore, we got to dive to a world of development we had never explored before. We took this experience as a learning one and better prepared for future tasks that deal with unknown technologies and team collaboration.

What's next for Bit-Sports

We will keep working on the application as our side project tackling the core features until they are fully polished, and adding new features that will help distinguish as we make it grow - such as a point system to motivate users even more, statistics of progress, pre-set routines for new users, etc.

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