Whenever users have to use a cloud service then most of them are afraid of selecting a proper service as there are too many platform which provide same services which make very complex to decide by the users. Another problem is that they are not sure which service is best for them and hiring a proper expert can cost them a lot so there is requirement of user friendly platform where users can compare different services and select required service then control and monitor different services from same platform.

What it does

We have introduced services brokerage platform named as Bit-Hack which is an intermediate party between IT service provider and customers. We have own service brokerage platform, which could compare multiple services and IT providers for giving the best option in selecting services as per requirements of consumers.
Services brokerage has a major role in helping companies in selecting services with ease by reducing risk and complexity by evaluating different vendors. Selecting the best service provider according to customer requirements.

How I built it

We have built our platform on online drag and drop website making platform.

Challenges I ran into

Major challenge is limited functionalities of online platform as it provides very less and limited options to call different service provider APIs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have a solution to utilize available resources of companies having spare hardware to generate revenue by providing infrastructure as a service. We have built a platform where customers can filter services as per their requirements and select services using our platform in discounted rates in very user friendly interface.## What I learned

What's next for Bit-Hack

Providing multiple services available from different services providers, creating an unbiased comparison in functionality, pricing, and service levels. Get better discounts and access detailed information from service providers.

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