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Bit Civilization

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1.Project name

Bit Civilization

2.Elevator pitch

Bit Civilization is a higher civilization based on the idea of Bitcoin and will transform all aspects of human society, including but not limited to organization, family concept, tool, language, word, belief, law, system, city-state, country, assets, ethics, culture and art. The booming crypto world is the embryonic form of Bit Civilization in the future.

3.Team Name

Rainbowcity Foundation

Mr. Kunyuan

4.Submission links

In this NEAR MetaBUILD Hackathon event, RainbowCity Foundation submitted a total of 10 projects, which is the address directory of the 10 projects. We are continuing to refine the details of each project.

5.Recorded video demo

6. What is the RainbowCity Foundation?

Headquartered in Singapore, RainbowCity Foundation is a non-profit foundation founded by Mr. Kunyuan, which mainly engages in the incubation and investment of the crypto ecosystem. Being a big fan of Bitcoin, Mr. Kunyuan worships Satoshi Nakamoto and dedicates himself to the spread of Satoshi Nakamoto’s great ideas of decentralization. He once put forward the concept of “Bit Civilization” for the first time in the world in July 2021 at the Bitcointalk Forum established by Satoshi Nakamoto. Moreover, he wrote over 50 articles to promote Bitcoin, in the hope of fostering the development of the encryption industry worldwide and practicing the true Bitcoin spirit.

Mr. Kunyuan has had rich experiences in the crypto world. At one time, he was the highest community leader of FCoin, the most influential community exchange in the Chinese world. In November 2018, in a referendum on the FCoin exchange, Mr. Kunyuan was elected the first community committee member and then appointed vice Chairman to fully preside over the work of the FCoin community.

Mr. Kunyuan believes that a super economic powerhouse will emerge in the mankind history in the future; a crypto world which is constructed in the form of decentralized protocols that transform all different decentralized behaviors into a unified economy. He believes it will ultimately become the infrastructure of human civilization and this is in which the RainbowCity foundation originates from this belief.

The RainbowCity Foundation aims to invest in seven major industries in the following ten years, including Rainbow DeFi, Rainbow Investment, Rainbow Culture, Rainbow Network, Rainbow Industry, Rainbow Education and Rainbow R&D. It strives to become a super economic hub with market value worth one trillion US dollars.

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Project Story


NEAR FOUNDATION Calling all Liberal Artists

Produce a valuable artifact of your choosing to help introduce the world to the future of the web.

Background. While some of the brightest minds of our time have gravitated towards the blockchain industry, we have precious few students with a background in the humanities.

We're sorely missing the input of philosophers and historians, artists and illustrators, people who don't just think outside the box, they live outside the box.

If this challenge resonates with you, come help us see the future today.

Hello friends of the Near Foundation and the judges of this marathon!

I am Kunyuan, the founder of RainbowCity Foundation, from the Crypto China community. When I saw the challenge of "Calling all Liberal Artists" proposed by the Near Foundation, it really resonated in my heart, and it also gave rise to a high degree of recognition for the Near Foundation.

This challenge requires not only building the crypto world from a technical level, but looking to the future from a philosophical and artistic level. This level of thinking is exactly what I highly agree with. Not just thinking about how we build the world today, but what the world will look like in the future. This is also something I have been exploring in my crypto experience for the past five years.

It is because of this that I have a high degree of resonance and recognition. For the past 2+ months, I've had my team stop everything else and focus on preparing for the NEAR MetaBUILD Hackathon. In the end, our team started from the positioning of DAO infrastructure and prepared a total of 9 independent projects to participate in this competition. In addition to the philosophical project I am submitting, "Bit Civilization", the RainbowCity Foundation has submitted a total of 10 independent projects, which is also our best effort to integrate into the entire Near ecosystem.

I am a loyal believer of Satoshi Nakamoto and a believer in Bitcoin. I firmly believe that the decentralization of Bitcoin will completely change the construction system of the entire human civilization. For the past five years, I have been thinking deeply about some of the philosophical knowledge behind Bitcoin and the future of the entire crypto world.

After four or five years of in-depth thinking, I published a series of original articles on the Bitcointalk forum established by Satoshi Nakamoto in July 2021, proposing the concept of "Bit civilization" for the first time in the history of encryption.

I think the thriving crypto world built on the idea of Bitcoin is not just some of the concepts that we are hot now, not just the current Web 3.0 and the metaverse, it can cover a larger scope. The prosperity of the crypto world is completely reformatting our physical and digital world, and the crypto world is rebuilding a whole new human civilization. I call this civilization the "Bit civilization". In order to elaborate this concept as much as possible, I wrote more than 50 original articles in 2021 to think from different perspectives, and systematically shared some of my predictions about the future 100-year development of human civilization.

In particular, having in-depth exchanges with thousands of senior Bitcoin users on the Bitcointalk forum has deepened my confidence in the future development of the entire encrypted world.

What Bitcoin brings to mankind is not only the popular Web3 and Metaverse today, what Bitcoin brings to mankind is a brand new civilization!

It is precisely because of my in-depth thinking on the concept of "Bit Civilization" in the past five years that I saw the challenge of "Calling all Liberal Artists" by the Near Foundation, which resonated deeply with me. Therefore, I specially participated in this challenge with the title of "Bit Civilization" today. I don't ask for the final result, I just want to share my thoughts with more like-minded friends.

2.What it does

What is Bit Civilization?

People's opinions vary on Bitcoin. I see it as a new civilization because Bitcoin is ushering humans into a higher civilization, which is what I called Bit Civilization.

To understand Bit Civilization, we need to figure out what’s human civilization.

Explanation from Wikipedia:

As far as I'm concerned, human civilization refers to the total wealth that humans can create from history, including but not limited to material and spiritual wealth. These two forms made up the body of human civilization. Now let's look at the specific meaning of civilization.

In my opinion, civilization is the accumulation of history, helpful in ramping up the adaptation and cognition of humans for the objective world and conforming to their spiritual pursuit, it's the combination of humanistic spirit, inventions and creations, social customs and orders accepted by the vast majority of people, and the collection of all social and natural behaviors that made human beings free from barbarism.

The collection includes at least the following elements: organization, family concept, tool, language, word, belief, law, system, city-state, country, assets, ethics, culture and art, which composed of the body of our current society and separated us from savage situation. Based on this, we say that we are now in a civilized society. I think all these elements belong to the category of wealth.

Human civilization can be divided into material civilization and spiritual civilization, or material wealth and spiritual wealth. In anthropology and archaeology, civilization is the fact that human beings have escaped from the barbaric nature of animals through evolution and established a fair and regular society with wisdom, such as Mesopotamian civilization, ancient Greek civilization, ancient Egyptian civilization, ancient Indian civilization, Chinese civilization and Mayan civilization. It can also be distinguished by religion and culture, such as Christian civilization, Islamic civilization, Jewish civilization and Buddhist civilization.

The criteria for the emergence of civilization is: the appearance of morality, etiquette, words, culture, art and the division of labor, the establishment of national fairness rules, the changes in farming methods, the evolution of labor tools and the differentiation of labor and social strata. When reasonable rules are set in human society and it completely breaks away from the law of jungle, civilization will come into being in its real meaning.

Civilized society is the opposite of the law of jungle. However, it does not mean that that phenomenon does not exist in a civilized society---it just is not obvious on the surface, but hidden in deep-seated genes of human society.

The emergence of Bit Civilization is to entirely eliminate the law of jungle and build a fairer, freer and opener society.

Now maybe you can understand the concept of Bit Civilization in a better way. It alludes to a new human civilization on the foundation of Bitcoin thought, a more advanced form of civilization. It will transform all facets of human society, including but not limited to organization, family concept, tool, language, word, belief, law, system, city-state, country, assets, ethics, culture and art.

In terms of organization, compared with the corporate system, DAO organization is flourishing; in culture and art, NFT is on the way to prosperity; in financial systems and policies, DeFi is replacing traditional finance; in law, smart contracts have begun to reconstruct the human legal system since code as the law is the strongest call of the new era; in national governance, transparent governance on blockchain is increasingly applied to different national institutions, for example, presidential elections can hold the voting on the chain, which is more transparent.

In fact, crypto world is the embryonic form of the future Bit Civilization. Someone might hold the notion that many encryption projects have nothing to do with Bitcoin itself. That is what I have been emphasizing. Without Bitcoin, there would be no crypto world. We are supposed to learn Bitcoin itself and the ideas, culture, philosophy and spirit Bitcoin demonstrates. This is the more important thing that Bitcoin brings to us.

It is these thoughts of Bitcoin that have guided the crypto world to evolve and prosper, and then step by step into a new human civilization. Personally, the core idea of Bitcoin is decentralization and Bit Civilization can also be called Decentralized Civilization. Human civilization is going from centralization to decentralization and from the governance of human nature to the governance of protocols. Bitcoin is ushering us to a fairer, freer, and opener society where the value of each individual will be treasured and liberated.

3.How we built it

To participate in this challenge, in order to better explain the concept of "Bit Civilization" to everyone, I collected two more parts of data to further elaborate on my predictions about the future of "Bit Civilization".

The first part of the information is about the future design of "RainbowCity". RainbowCity was founded on the basis of the idea of "Bit Civilization", and it also implements the decentralization idea of Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin.

"RainbowCity" is a future city of human civilization, a city of science and a city of mathematics based on "decentralized thinking". During the 100 years of the future development of human civilization, human society has completely evolved into a "decentralized governance" society. Human civilization has begun to march from the earth to the universe, and has begun to evolve from carbon-based civilization to silicon-based civilization, and from earth civilization to cosmic civilization.

Therefore, 50 years after the continuous development of human civilization, under the conditions allowed by human technology, we have begun to build a future city of human civilization floating in space in the cosmic starry sky: "RainbowCity". The future new human beings live, work and study in this space city. The space city consists of various buildings, including the central bank, the central council, the civic hall, and more.

At the same time, in order to commemorate Bitcoin's outstanding contribution to "Bit Civilization", we specially named the central square of the city "Bit Square".

This is the development plan of "RainbowCity" in the next 100 years, which will help human civilization evolve into a higher civilization based on mathematical algorithms: "Bit Civilization"!


This design drawing is a static image, click on this website link to see the schematic diagram of the animated version.

The second part of the information is that I have compiled links to 52 original articles published on Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcointalk forum in 2021, which illustrate my understanding of “Bit civilization” from different perspectives. Through these articles, you can better understand my thoughts. I also hope that through these articles, we will have more collisions of thinking with you!

1. Bitcoin is not just a currency, but represents a new human civilization.

2. Bitcoin is the only thing that humans cannot control

3. Human society is migrating to "math governance" through Bitcoin.

4. Bitcoin brings us true freedom of thought.

5. Bitcoin is the quintessence of all human knowledge gathered together.

6. Bitcoin comes first and blockchain comes later

7. Bitcoin is the creation of Satoshi from zero to one

8.The essential attributes of Bitcoin:Bitcoin is a database.

9.Bitcoin is firstly a ledger and secondly a currency.

10.Think about the "decentralization" of bitcoin from seven different aspects

11.Why the birth of Bitcoin triggered a revolution in accounting?

12.Why can Bitcoin change human relations of production?

13.Is the Bitcoin community a DAO?

14. Bitcoin is reconstructing the current law system of human society

15.Do you know any game theory tucked inside Bitcoin?

16.Do you think Bitcoin has matter property?

17.Why do many people call Bitcoin "digital gold"?

18. Is Bitcoin possible to build a new "Bretton Woods system"

19.Take a look at the future of Bitcoin from the gold standard system

20.Bitcoin and Keynes Plan

21.Can Bitcoin truly evolve into super-sovereign currency?

22.Bitcoin and Triffin Dilemma

23.Economic foundation of Bitcoin from the perspective of Denationalization of Mone

24.Some inspiration in the future of Bitcoin from the history of paper money

25.Why Bitcoin mining isn’t a waste of energy?

26.The principle of entropy reduction in Bitcoin mining

27.Why is Bitcoin in the highest level of trust?

28.Why we say the creation of Bitcoin is an Internet of value?

29.What is the nature of the value of Bitcoin?

30.What’s the nature of currency?

31.The relationship between Bitcoin and human civilization

32.What is Bit Civilization?

33.How is Bit Civilization constructed?

34.What’s consensus?

35.What’s the nature of consensus?

36.The connection and difference of Bit Civilization with Metaverse and web3

37.Why did Satoshi Nakamoto name the first block of Bitcoin Genesis Block?

38.Why is Bitcoin called “Bitcoin”?

39.Bitcoin, switcher for mankind from Carbon-based to Silicon-based civilization

40.Bitcoin ushers mankind in the digital Bit world

41.Satoshi Nakamoto made machines evolve into life forms of AI

42.Bitcoin is reconstructing the world

43.Can Bitcoin possibly become the Skynet of human civilization?

44.Will Bitcoin become Multivac?

45.Bitcoin and The Last Question

46.The emergence of Machine Trust and Bit Civilization

47.Bitcoin——the intermediary for the interaction between human and alien

48.Stepping stone of cryptocurrency 3.0: Token Economy & Community Management

49.Bitcoin is rebuilding the Tower of Babel of human collective collaboration

50.Look at the fontal secret of the universe and life through Bitcoin

51.Bitcoin will be the infrastructure of future human civilization

52.The predicament of Bitcoin

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