What happens when the internet goes down? You can play a minigame-esque addictive yet simple game for anywhere between a few seconds and ten minutes. We wanted to design a simple game that keeps your attention on having fun and away from the agonizing wait for your wifi to re-connect!

What it does

Use your arrow keys to navigate through the clouds of data to collect bits of either ones or zeros. Up your game with fun power-ups and defend the Avast logo from the attackers.

How I built it

We used javascript in the Visual Studio Code editor to program the game, and collaborated through Github. We also worked with WebGL.

Challenges I ran into

Only one person knew how to code in Javascript, and the three other team members had very little coding experience - the first quarter of the hack was mainly set-up and learning on the go!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to pick up the basics of Javascript over the course of the hack and made few but meaningful contributions to the team although this was my first hack!

What I learned

I basically crashed through the basics of working with Github, coding as a team, project development and delegation, Javascript, html/css, and WebGL in the last 24 hours. Although I still have a lot to learn, I picked up foundational skills and was able to immediately apply them.

What's next for Bit Buster

Streamlining the gameplay and adding additional graphical effects would be next to solidify the theme of privacy and security. Personalized graphics would add to the thematic continuity and general aesthetic while more seamless integration into the web browser would make for a better playing experience for the user.

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