## Inspiration Businesses with the desideratum to burgeon face may predicaments . Some businesses fail because of improper choice of location for next branch location which in most cases are not profitable for them . Some face employee hoax in new unknown region of the branch.

## What it does Our system aims to provide the business with the burgeoning view the intelligence to choose the best possible branch location which will be profitable for them . There will be a marketplace for the business owners where they can buy raw materials directly from the producer thus removing the intermediaries and drastically reducing the cost . There will be a blockchain system where the new branch's employees' data will be stored after the day of being hired .This will provide clarity and quick access to the credentials . The blockchain data can also be shared with other companies in case the employee joins another company only on their demand .

How we built it

We built the machine learning model with the help of the demographic data and the distance matrix of the places with some other parameters in mind . We used K-Means clustering to find the final result along with some preprocessing of the data . The blockchain is developed around 5ire and the data is stored in IPFS of Pinata . We used HardHat for deploying the blockchain and carrying out the transactions . We used MetaMask for the wallet . We also used Django for for deploying the Machine Learning model.

## Challenges we ran into We ran into challenges while deploying the machine learning model using Django. We also ran into issue while integrating the blockchain along with machine learning.

## Accomplishments that we're proud of We are proud of that we have been able to predict the most profitable location for the new branch with almost 80-85% accuracy. We are also proud of the fact that we have been able to store the data effortlessly in the IPFS with which we bring a huge lot of transparency and reducing the time of the verification to just few minutes.

What we learned

We learned much about the blockchain and how we can collect the data for using the machine learning model.

What's next for Biszup

We have planned to .

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