BISMark is a platform that runs on a home router that allows home Internet users to continually monitor the performance of their Internet Service Provider using measurements taken from the router itself. Unlike existing measurement tools, which a user runs one time from a host, BISMark takes measurements continuously and directly from the router that connects the user's home to the Internet, so performance measurements are both automatic and more accurate. See for more details, including papers and talks. BISMark also has a front end, hosted at, that allows users to view and download their performance measurements, and to compare their performance to other users with similar ISP service plans. The submission document describes the motivation behind BISMark, the design of various parts of BISMark (including firmware, management software, and front-end), installation and configuration instructions, pointers to the router firmware and source code, and our plans for extending the platform to support various other uses (e.g., management of usage caps). Direct queries to: Links with more information Project Home Page:

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