I got this arduino flora for my birthday and wanted to program it to sing happy birthday.

What it does

It is essentially a hardware hack using the Adafruit Circuit Playground FLORA board sewn onto a purple marshmallow plushy that plays a special version of happy birthday when the program is run.

How I built it

I programmed the tune according to the note frequencies. I used the Arduino IDE to upload my program to my FLORA board. Then, I used string to sew my FLORA board onto my marshmallow plushy. I chose to make a marshmallow because of the cylindrical shape that matches the board.

Challenges I ran into

Adjusting the notes and pitches of the song was a challenge because many notes were either sharp or flat. I had a hard time adjusting the time in milliseconds since some notes needed to be longer than others.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to make a complete song out of my Adafruit FLORA board that is not only something I have never tried before, but is also my first hardware hack!

What I learned

I learned how to program notes onto a software and upload it onto hardware and that programming can be easily exported to real hardware.

What's next for Birthday Marshmallow

I have LED lights sewn on with a wire, but does not light up yet. Blinking lights are next for my birthday marshmallow.

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